Around Åre 2013-06-30

Scouting with Torbjörn
DSC 0118 115 Norrland2013  "The Pink Panter" and Torbjörn at St Olavsloppet 2013 DSC 0121 118 Norrland2013  The Pink Panter always runs in a dress of some kind DSC 0124 121 Norrland2013  Started DSC 0136 133 Norrland2013  The last start group, "Elite"
DSC 0140 137 Norrland2013  Swedens largest water fall (m3/s): Tännforsen DSC 0147 144 Norrland2013  Tännforsen from the side DSC 0146 143 Norrland2013  Seen it before DSC 0154 151 Norrland2013  We tested the new R1200 and F800 GSes in alpine environment
DSC 0157 154 Norrland2013  Planning the climb (or cabin lift) DSC 0160 157 Norrland2013  At cabins destination on Åreskutan DSC 0163 160 Norrland2013  Kjell Lundberg, Torbjörn and I climbed the top DSC 0166 163 Norrland2013  In foreground snow, behind the ridge Tännforsen
DSC 0174 171 Norrland2013  Åre Extreme competitors ran over Åreskutans crest, after the paddling and before the bicycling, 5h + event DSC 0171 168 Norrland2013  Extreme woman DSC 0178 175 Norrland2013  A view from heli platform on the top: Kallsjön DSC 0179 176 Norrland2013  Kallsjön zoomed in
DSC 0181 178 Norrland2013  Lennart and Kjell coming down DSC 0461  Torbjörn and Lennart started descent DSC 0462  After 78 minutes, a beer at Åre Diplomat DSC 0465  On the walk back to hotel - a view on Åreskutan (to the right) we left some hours before
DSC 0466  Back at hotel, Åreskutan in background zoomed in DSC 0467  Sunset as seen from hotel