EP XX 2015 + BMW Days

A MC roadtrip
20150623 144912  Guy and Lennart - ready to start from Alafors DSC 0139  The easy way to Germany - Stena ferry over night DSC 0138  Guy and Claes in the á la carte restaurant DSC 0010-NIK  First Germany stop over in Neuss, where Ulrich and Angelica hosted us perfectly
DSC 0013-NIK  After Neuss the lunch was taken in a hot Zons, at Hotel Gasthof zur Post DSC 0015-NIK  Arriving Büllingen - first thing we see is Ulf Mäkitalo serving his sportbike! DSC 0016-NIK  Europrezzie Peter Milesson arriving DSC 0017-NIK  Matz, Ingemar, Monica and Moo!
DSC 0177  New flag at the terrace DSC 0152  On the terrace DSC 0153  Bacon and Zorats enjoying the afternoon DSC 0154  Massen-living
DSC 0158  Some horsepowers here? DSC 0163  Dinnertime DSC 0026-NIK  Revisiting (lat time 1988) Bouillon DSC 0022-NIK  The castle in Bouillon - no other Prezzies?
DSC 0164  Solo lunch in Bouillon - but many moules! DSC 0174  Rössing race up DSC 0178  Japanese killer - by Junji, much appreciated! DSC 0180  Bob Alexander -
DSC 0034-NIK  Sweet and wet girls on tour DSC 0036-NIK  Boys KLIM team on tour! DSC 0183  Enjoying long lunch in Verviers(?) DSC 0184  Samantha happy with a sallad and me
DSC 0185  Mr Browne - coming Dictator DSC 0041-NIK  Post-EP, Claes and I after passing Mosel in Cochem: view of Reichsburg DSC 0043-NIK  We met Matz and Monica at Walvig after Cochem, but splitted again and ended up here for lunch - in LA PETITE PIERRE, Alsace. DSC 0044-NIK  The restaurant was  Aux 3 Roses, fantastic terrace with a view over the valley and a lot of birds singing.
DSC 0046  Our bikes liked the smell of Lavendel! DSC 0048-NIK  Revisiting Rouge Gazon, last time was 2003. Closed for vacation apparently. Sad was also that we learned the owner was killed in a motorcycle accident some weeks later. DSC 0058-NIK  Next night stop was Moto-Hotel Col de Bussang DSC 0055-NIK  Owner waving good-bye in the morning
DSC 0059-NIK  In Lichenstein we climbed to a view over Vaduz DSC 0116-NIK  Arriving hotel TURNA in Malbun after going through a tunnel into Steg and further DSC 0061-NIK  Fantastic valley with multi-cow-bell sound DSC 0190  We took the lift outside the hotel
DSC 0075-NIK  and got this view DSC 0076-NIK  Some sterile landscape as well DSC 0087-NIK  Celebrating the altitude with a beer DSC 0095-NIK  Walking down-hill - Claes
DSC 0100-NIK  Hairy creatures DSC 0114-NIK  Horses as well DSC 0192  Claes waiting for dinner in Malbun DSC 0120-NIK  On the road again - had to stop for the view again
DSC 0125-NIK  Stop at Walensee (CH) on the way to Linthal - 30 C or more. We wetted the buffs to get extra cooling. DSC 0126-NIK  Walensee. My Cool-down west (BMW) now had arrived to Gothenburg after 3½ week delivery time. DSC 0131-NIK  My company (ÅF) leads the engineering of this huge project DSC 0132-NIK  The lift took us some 1 000 m up
DSC 0137-NIK  Zooming in on a farmers place - on the very verge of the plateau DSC 0142-NIK  Alpenwiesen - schöön DSC 0143-NIK  Walking paths for people with strong nerves! DSC 0146-NIK  Flowers
DSC 0145-NIK  Claes with sunprotection DSC 0147-NIK  Flowers DSC 0153-NIK DSC 0157-NIK  Going down to Tierfehd again
DSC 0160  On the way to Damüls, stop at Furkajoch in Austria, after a enjoyable ride uphills DSC 0161-NIK  View from Furkajoch to Damüls DSC 0164-NIK  Nightstop in Ober-Damüls DSC 0163-NIK  at Hotel Lucia
DSC 0199  Arriving Garmish-Partenkirchen and Gasthof Rassen DSC 0165-NIK  Plenty motorcycles in GP these days - we took the busfrom our lodging DSC 0168-NIK  BMW piloten from South Africa on the scene DSC 0169-NIK  Lunchtime
DSC 0171-NIK  Halbes Hänchen mit Kartoffelsalat and a Prenzel - plus Bier DSC 0173-NIK  Big tent DSC 0175-NIK  American 1600 BMW concept - design team leader presenting the Thing DSC 0182-NIK  Show time - Chris Pfeiffer
DSC 0181-NIK  Acrobatic moves DSC 0194-NIK  E-scooter burnout DSC 0207  Georg with Mary - US Vintage President at dinner in GP DSC 0208  Karen - US vintage vice president, and me
DSC 0212  Claes, Darryl and Matz at same dinner DSC 0214  On the way home after a hot day (+39 on Autobahn) - night stop in nice town Wörlitz DSC 0215  Warm evening DSC 0220-NIK  Donnerwetter
DSC 0216  Small library DSC 0230-NIK  In the morning - today we aim for home DSC 0234-NIK  Leaving Wörlitz DSC 0236-NIK  Arriving ferry Wörlitz - Coswig
DSC 0240-NIK  Other tourists DSC 0238-NIK  No engine on this ferry - just using the fluid dynamics via a very long wire over the yellow bouys DSC 0239-NIK  First man on ship DSC 0244-NIK  Last picture - waiting on ferry in Rostock, going to Gedser in Denmark. Late evening ride in Swedish storm winds got us home before midnight.