MC Polen Tjeckien Tyskland 2014

Visiting EP19 meeting in Mazurien/Ryn, going to Prague/ICONE conference and checking MotoGP at Sachsenring
GOPR0150  First bike at Zamek (Castle) Ryn in Poland : EP19 Zamek Ryn GOPR0152  Claes in an awkward position in front of the Zamek Ryn GOPR0155  Darryl, Ingemar and Jeff outside Zamek Ryn
GOPR0159  Come together talk GOPR0162  Swedish talk GOPR0165  Arrival on wheel
GOPR0167  and by foot GOPR0161  Jeff and The BMW GOPR0153  I had to drink a beer
GOPR0154  Adina, Tora, Claes and FIlippa lunching IMG 0655  The Castle Hall IMG 0659  Grimbergen beer taste selection - Ton and Filippa enjoying
GOPR0170  Adina ready GOPR0177  Wolfschanze ruins GOPR0188  Dieter and Guy planning
GOPR0189  On board a K1300S GOPR0193  Russian alternative border crossing - no traffic here GOPR0207  Bridge 1
GOPR0208  Bridge 2 GOPR0211  Sweets GOPR0213  Leaving bridges - Guy
GOPR0231  Leaving from church check GOPR0236  Road stop GOPR0241  Lunch park
GOPR0238  Hot lunch break IMG 0661  Tora and Lennart during lunchbreak GOPR0243  Adina switched to bigger bike, with Guy
GOPR0251  On the road again GOPR0277  Time to leave EP19 for Prague GOPR0283  A long Sunday - 850 km on different roads, one short but heavy rain shower - otherwise 30 Celsius and more
GOPR0294  Lunch with Peter - I think I got too much GOPR0300  A little more rain GOPR0368  Hilton Prague
GOPR0303  Conference start (ICONE) GOPR0374  Imperial - nice place to eat GOPR0375  Dinner pleasure
GOPR0416  Karl castle 1 GOPR0396  Karl castle 2 GOPR0465  Prague astronomic watch
GOPR0472  Statue Prague (very modern) GOPR0501  Travel to Schneeberg and Sachsenring - bad weather struck only last 5 minutes DSC 0340  Arrived Schneeberg
IMG 0691  Evening in Schneeberg - during world championship in soccer GOPR0510  Frühstuck im Zimmer G0060547  Sachsenring - qualification Moto2
G0010574  Other nice Swedish spectators : EP19 DSC 0341  I had many nice meals in Schneeberg - here Borsj, heritage Ukraine G0310747  Going home via Germany : EP19
G0450791  and Poland (Swinojuize) to Ystad : EP19 G0580876  Had lot of time - here driving in a Polish National Park : EP19