Northwest Easter Trip

We went to the Stig on Nordkoster 2 days late March 2013
IMG 0079  The new (December 2012) Naturum for National Subsea Park Kosterhavet, at Korshamn, Sydkoster. DSC 0138  National park info DSC 0019  In Kostersundet, approaching Västra Bryggan DSC 0020  Welcome coffe - and Easter jokes DSC 0027  Easter afternoon walk. Burning old grass
DSC 0037  Katarina DSC 0043  Stunning nature - cold spring DSC 0044  Stig tells the history of this nature DSC 0045  Norway at the horizon DSC 0047  Tree
DSC 0048  Rullstensåsar DSC 0050  Some ice left DSC 0051  In to the woods DSC 0052  Ice flow DSC 0053  Stone age
DSC 0057  Norrvikarna DSC 0060  Hungry swans DSC 0062  Cliff hangers DSC 0064 DSC 0067
DSC 0078  Photografer in "work" DSC 0083  Coming close DSC 0091  Burner DSC 0096  Dinner to be DSC 0100  Easter ale "Electric Nurse" brewed at Dugges brewery in Landvetter
DSC 0101  Vorspeis DSC 0102  Upper class DSC 0110  Easter day walk DSC 0111  Self operated ferry Lina between Nord and Syd Koster DSC 0112  Kostersundet and the ferry
DSC 0118  Sidewalk? DSC 0120  In between DSC 0124  Over view DSC 0127  Ditto DSC 0133  The transport on these islands
DSC 0139  Max for moped DSC 0136  Looking for food DSC 0137  To do