To Bucharest 2016-08

Going 1 200 km from Krakow, where Ralf Betnarski joined, to Bucharest, during two days
GOPR1578  Start in Krakow Statoil - simple roadbook and BMW Navigator V. GOPR1580  Riding from Krakow Saturday morning, 600 km to Romania border. Rafal in front. GOPR1587  Coming south into Slovakia. DSC 0502
2016-08-21 DSC 0503 GOPR1650  Sunday morning, E79 in northwest Romania GOPR1660  Road works
GOPR1663  Up the hill GOPR1673  Going on in Romania GOPR1687 GOPR1689  Sunny
GOPR1694  Highway Lunch time (12:44) GOPR1737 We met Maria in Bucharest